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17 Films - Filmmaker, Carrie Carnevale

Carrie Carnevale
Filmmaker, Carrie Carnevale, getting some establishing shots
at the initial rehearsal for the sessions in May for "Music For Your Soul."

On May 2, 2004, filmmaker, Carrie Carnevale, began filming a documentary on the making of david castle's new cd, "Music For Your Soul."

The filming commenced in North Hollywood at Yo Studios rehearsal hall in Studio Y. That Sunday afternoon, david's former studio band from the '70's, drummer, Jerry Sommers, and bass guitarist, Rick Tierney, began rehearsals for the upcoming recording session in June to cut several songs, including the new cd title song, "Music For Your Soul."

Rick Tierney, david castle and Jerry Sommers
From Left to Right: Bassist, Rick Tierney, david castle, and
Drummer, Jerry Sommers at Yo Rehearsal hall in North Hollywood.

Carrie filmed the complete rehearsal which kicked off the making of documentary that will be released later after the "Music For Your Soul" cd comes out next year.

Rick Tierney, david castle and Jerry Sommers
Rick Tierney, david, & Jerry Sommers clowning a bit after rehearsal.

The documentary will trace the evolution of this recording project and will include many interviews with artists and music industry personalities that david has worked with over the years. It will also include music videos of various songs from "Music For Your Soul."

Carrie Carnevale, the founder of 17 Films, is a graduate of San Jose State University. After graduating in 1997, Carrie started to work in the independent film scene of the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit Carrie's web site by clicking the above link for 17 Films.

Come back to davidcastle.net regularly for updates on the progress of the filming and for sneak previews of the dvd.