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Composing & Conducting

david conducting

Over the years, david castle has composed many symphonic works as well as conducted many of the world's finest musicians including the London Royal Philharmonic, members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and many talented studio musicians.

The following are various occasions when david has conducted his compositions for orchestra.

david conducting

Pictured here, david castle conducts his "Adagio For Jaime," a symphonic work that david composed in memory of Jaime Beth Slavin, a bright, young teenager who died of Reyes Syndrome. Her family members are friends of david's.

As a result of Jaime Beth Slavin's life experience the national Reyes Syndrome Foundation was created. Jill Slavin, golf pro coach and loving mother of Jaime Beth, organized Celebrity Golf Tournaments and raised donations to find the cure for Reyes Syndrome.

Harvey Korman, Maclean Stevenson and Buddy Hackett were just a few of the lengendary celebrities that performed unselfishly to help the Reyes Syndrome Foundation. Jill Slavin's hard work and dedication to this cause brought about great strides forward in the defeat of this disease. Tragically, she died of a car accident some years later.

"Adagio For Jaime" became the "theme song" for the Reyes Syndrome Foundation and the performances pictured here were some of those from the Celebrity Golf Tournaments in Calabasas, California, USA.

david conducting