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Midnight Express

Midnight Express

david castle wrote the song, "Istanbul Blues," which was featured in the Academy Award Winning Motion Picture, "Midnight Express." In 1978 castle was nominated for a Grammy for "Album Of Best Original Score Written For A Motion Picture Or TV Special" for his participation in the "Midnight Express" soundtrack.

In the movie, Randy Quaid and John Hurt sing "Istanbul Blues," but on the Soundtrack Album of "Midnight Express," david castle performs the song. david arranged and produced the recording. Giorgio Moroder co-produced the session.

david castle's recording features Jerry Sommers on drums, Rick Tierney on Bass, and Patrick McClure on Guitar. david plays Piano, Electric Piano and Clavinet on the record.

"Midnight Express" vividly told the riveting story of Billy Hayes, an American who was given a life sentence in a Turkish prison for smuggling a small amount of drugs. It is the story of how he survived and escaped from Turkey. Hayes later wrote the book and film of the same title in order to reimburse his father for the legal expenses incurred from his experience.

david castle co-wrote the song "Istanbul Blues" with Billy Hayes, though they never met personally until the evening of the Grammys (February 15, 1979) as they were seated next to one another at the taping of the actual awards show. Billy Hayes co-wrote the screenplay for Midnight Express along with Oliver Stone and the lyric for "Istanbul Blues" was in the screenplay. david castle felt that since Billy actually experienced the prison life first-hand that his lyric was the ultimate, so he wrote the music to Billy's lyric.

david was asked by the late Neil Bogart, then President and Owner of Casablanca Record and Filmworks, to write several songs for the motion picture. "Istanbul Blues" was the one Bogart chose to feature in the film. Once that decision was made, Neil asked david to record the song for the soundtrack album.

"Midnight Express" won two Academy Awards, one for Best Screenplay Adaptation and one for Original Score. It is still considered to be one of the most riveting films ever made.

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