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Music For Your Soul

Visit the Music For Your Soul Listening Room to hear clips from the cd and purchase individual mp3's online!

Music For Your Soul is the title of the new david castle cd. It started as a project entitled, "Conversations" and became a journey which led to the current title.

This ambitious project started out as a mere cd release and over time has transformed into a dvd, documentary, complete with videos, and about 20 songs that david castle has written during a span of over 25 years.

Some of the titles that david has recorded for the new album are:

"Thank You For The Memories" - one of david's earliest songs, never before released.

"Heart That Is Open" - one of david's more recent songs - a beautiful ballad.

"Without You" - a new ballad already being considered as one of david's finest.

Last year, david and his studio band, the amazing Jerry Sommers on drums, and the gifted Rick Tierney on bass, recorded the basic tracks to the following tunes at The Capt. and Tennille's former studio:

david castle and Jerry Sommers
david with drummer, Jerry Sommers in the studio

david castle and John Kovarek
david with co-producer and engineer, John Kovarek listening to a playback

"Space Child" - david's tribute to Mickey Dolenz. Gary Gerloff recorded amazing electric guitar on this piece.

"Make Believe (You're Near Me)" (Formerly recorded on david's first album, "Castle In The Sky." This is a new recording of this particular song, but this version is the way david originally wrote it and intended it to be produced and performed... pure rock and roll!)

"If I Ever See You Again" - a rock ballad that david is featuring on this new cd.

"Music For Your Soul" - the melodic title song for this new cd.

"Parachute Down" - a pop song that tells of david's personal journey in a universal way in which redemption and inner peace are found. Gary Gerloff put his magical touch on "Parachute Down" playing his fabulous Martin Guitar. In addition, Ema Roberts played electric guitar.

Ema Roberts recorded guitar overdubs on "Space Child," "Make Believe You're Near Me," "Sherrie," "If I Ever See You Again," and "Music For Your Soul."

Steve Effinger recorded guitar overdubs on "Double Done," david's tongue-in-cheek blues song featured on the new cd.

Recently, in the summer and fall of 2005, david arranged and conducted the string parts for the new cd. Here are some pics of those sessions.

david conducting david conducting

david conducting
david conducting violinists, Bernadette (Mauban) Lingle & Emily Moore
during the violin recording sessions.

Bernie and Emily
Violinists (Left to Right) Bernadette (Mauban) Lingle & Emily Moore playing
through the charts for the string sessions last year.

Other titles will include:

  • "Sensitive & Gentle Fool Inside Me"
  • "Double Done"
  • "Still"
  • "Ascension"
  • "Sherrie"
  • "Purple Butterfly"
  • "Snowflake"
  • "Wherever You Are"
  • "Don't Wanna Be An Extra"

Guest Artists

Some fabulous guest artists have contributed their talents to the project including guitarists, Ema Roberts, Gary Gerloff, & Steve Effinger. Also appearing is premiere entertainer and singer-songwriter, Steve Bassett, playing B-3.

david produced his new cd and it was co-produced and engineered by John Kovarek for Castle/Kov Productions.

Visit this site frequently for more updates and future interviews with david and other artists and musicians contributing their talents and artistry to this exciting new cd/dvd project.

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