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Testimonials regarding “Harmony Within”

“...I played the singing quartz bowls at my most recent course. It sets a really nice space...”

Katrina Raphaell – Author of The Crystal Trilogy, & now her new book, “Crystalline Illumination”
Visit her amazing website at: http://webcrystalacademy.com/

The critics and the DJs love "Voice In The Wind"

"I know it's sometimes hard to find a vocal album that is compatible with the variety of music played on New Age programs. 'Voice in the Wind' has that certain indefinable something that works. David Castle's tunes are so well crafted, you will be singing along the first time you hear them, yet, they do not overpower. Castle's voice is strong and appealing, on the high side and slightly overdubbed and harmonized to meld with the instruments. Most of the pieces use rich 'pop' arrangements and background vocals, while the others are accompanied by a piano. Any one of the tunes would be suitable as a TV theme song (the 'Cheers' theme comes to mind). 'Peace, Love and Brotherhood' casts an endearing gospel spell, while 'Turn Around' reminds me of a dramatic Elton John ballad. Tunes include 'Voice in the Wind,' 'Angel in Your Garden,' 'Lay Your Weapons Down,' 'Peace, Love and Brotherhood' ...you get the idea. These ideals are presented with strength and sophistication - not a floater in the bunch. Where 'Thanks' could have been prayerful, it is instead a booming tour-de-force with tympani, strings and French horns."

Carol Wright - New Age Voice, September 1996

"Great pop and ballad sensibilities and the pure heart of Castle guide this wonderful album. To say this is merely an album of song and voice is to say far too little about it. With a voice that is distinctive and endearing, virtuosic piano playing, masterful arrangements and meaningful, poetic lyrics, David has an all-around success.

"'Angel in Your Garden' is a catchy tune about the guardians we can let into our lives. 'I am with you,/And I will be your guardian,/I will hold you in my arms,/And I will keep you safe from harm,/As long as I am.../The Angel in Your Garden.' 'Pathway to Home' is an extended piano solo which combines complex rhythms, changes of mood and nuances that express the complexities of living in the modern world. It serves as an intro to 'Peace, Love and Brotherhood', a rousing number with a rich gospel sound. 'It's still where it's at!'

"This jewel has something to offer everyone. No one gets out of here untouched."

Heartsong Review reviews "Voice in the Wind" (Fall '95, Winter '96)

"I congratulate you on creating a most exquisite piece of excellent music, one that has the innate ability to open the mind, nurture the heart and inspire the soul. Thank you for your contribution to my enjoyment!"

Katrina Raphaell, world renowned author of "Crystal Enlightenment" (from her "Crystal Trilogy"), and founder of The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts (in Kapaa, Hawaii)

Here's what the Djs playing it are saying:

"David Castle's 'Voice in the Wind' is a breath of fresh air. In these times of MIDI compositions and computer generated music, David reminds us that the simple beauty of the human voice accompanied by thoughtful and stirring piano, is music to be cherished. David's lyrics are every bit as thoughtful as the music that underlies; I don't just play this CD, I feel it!"

Jeff Abbas (KUOP 91.3FM) Stockton, CA

"David Castle's release 'Voice in the Wind' provides listeners with an overwhelming sense of inner peace. The message of hope is heard on every cut. The songs 'Angel in Your Garden' and 'Peace, Love and Brotherhood' have become fast favorites of KSJE listeners and have received requests on an almost daily basis. I expect 'Voice in the Wind' will be on the 'Afternoon Soundscapes' top 20 list for several months."

Sherry Vaden (Host "Afternoon Soundscapes") KSJE 90.9 FM Farmington, New Mexico

"'Voice in the Wind' blew softly across my heart & touched me, reminding me, who I truly am. The hope & peace of the earth lives in my heart."

Riversong (Host of "Nexus") KRCL FM Salt Lake City, UT

"'Voice in the Wind' is a song that transcends the boundaries of New Age and Adult Contemporary!"

Al Santos (Host of "Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch") WJZW 105.9 FM Washington, D.C.