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Voice In The Wind

Voice In The Wind
"If you listen closely to the falling of the leaves
In between the silence and the calling of the breeze
You'll hear the answers to the questions deep inside of you
And somehow once again
It warms you like a long lost friend
The Voice In The Wind..."

"Voice in the Wind," the third album by david castle, is the product of castle's personal spiritual journey translated into a collection of vivid lyrics and captivating melodies that will inspire anyone concerned about the human condition, self-discovery, and harmony in the world today.

Combining elements of classical music with the raw energy of rock, castle is a master at instrumental arrangements and symphonic nuances. A wizard at multi-tracking, he has brought a full orchestral sound and impeccable vocal phrasing to these very personal compositions.

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You can hear the songs by clicking on the highlighted titles listed below. You will need a media player. If you don't have one, go to winamp.com and download one for free for Windows. Or download iTunes for Windows or Macintosh for free.

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on the highlighted titles below to download the songs:

  1. Voice in the Wind (5:04) Lyrics
  2. Angel in Your Garden (6:32) Lyrics
  3. Lay Your Weapons Down (4:47)
  4. Pathway to Home (3:56)
  5. Peace, Love and Brotherhood (5:24)
  6. Turn Around (5:49)
  7. Last Days (4:24)
  8. Voice in the Wind (Reprise) (1:14)
  9. Thanks (1:43)

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All songs © 1994 Davyboy Music (BMI)
Produced by david castle

All songs written by david castle

All songs published by:

Davyboy Music/BMI
P.O. Box 7312
Northridge, CA 91327-7312

For Licensing and Booking write to the above address
or e-mail Davyboy Music

About the CD Cover Art

The imaginative and inspiring artwork for the "Voice in the Wind" cover was drawn by Christian Roman, an animator for the hit TV cartoon show, "The Simpsons." His work reflects the lyrics of the songs.