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Love You Forever

Love You Forever

"Love You Forever" was david castle's second album release on Parachute Records. Unlike the "Castle In The Sky" LP, it featured castle's signature style of layered vocals and more of a rock & roll feel. castle produced the LP along with hit songwriting colleague, Jack Keller, who penned many hit songs including, "Venus In Blue Jeans," "Bewitched (TV Theme),"Run To Him," "In Seattle," and "Easy Come, Easy Go." Keller had worked closely with david castle during his staff songwriting tenure at United Artists Music Publishing Group and along with Tommy Boyce and Graham Dee were among castle's mentors during the seventies.

castle featured most of his long-time studio band members, Jerry Sommers on drums and Patrick McClure on guitars. Patrick McClure, also a talented arranger and songwriter co-wrote and co-arranged many of the songs and basic tracks on the album.

Other musicians featured on this album include: James Gadson on drums, Chuck Rainey on bass and Michael Boddicker on synthesizers.

David Campbell arranged the horns and strings on "Love You Forever." Featured Horn players included: Ernie Watts and Buddy Collette on Saxophone, George Bohanon and Harold Garrett on Trombone, and Al Vizzutti and John Thomas on Trumpets.

Backing vocals were performed by david castle, Sherlie Matthews, Lynda Seals, Venetta Fields, Jeni McClure and Vera Castle (david's mom made a guest appearance on the title track).

The single that was released from "Love You Forever" was "At One With The Universe And You."

"Love You Forever" was released just before Parachute Records and Casablanca Records & Filmworks folded, in 1979. The label folded in December that same year.

Titles included on "Love You Forever" are:

  1. Love You Forever
  2. No Matter What
  3. Hold Me Just A Little Bit Longer
  4. Status Consciousness
  5. Everything I Love
  6. Musette
  7. Pure Love
  8. Baby The Rain Won't Last Forever
  9. I Will Always Be Here When You Need Me
  10. At One With The Universe And You

"Love You Forever", is now available for download on iTunes: "Love You Forever" by david castle